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The Great Resignation Letter

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Turn your boss into your former boss.

How to write a two week notice, in style.

Are you tired of living in captivity?

Does the thought of staring at your office walls any longer make you want to scream?

Do you long to escape into the wild?

Well, then THIS is the template for you.

Break free from your corporate cage
with 'The Great Resignation Letter'!

This resignation letter template is simple,
neat and professionally written.

It includes all of the key details you need to submit to your employer, and should make it far easier for you to quit and move on to the next stage of your life.

Just like you, it is almost entirely DONE.

No more water-cooler talk, or swivelling your life away on an office chair.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Download this template (it's FREE)
  2. Change the highlighted text (anything in BLUE)
  3. And submit it to your soon to be ex-boss.

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An easy to update, professional resignation letter template in .docx format

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The Great Resignation Letter

0 ratings
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